Monday, July 20, 2009

Ottawa Video Surveillance Company Review

Telewatch Inc. is a successful Ottawa video surveillance company involved in the physical security industry. As a leading company in this sector, Telewatch provides various video surveillance solutions to keep small and large businesses protected and in the know. The products that Telewatch provides allows for a cost-effective way of observing and reporting all important aspects of a business. By using some of the video surveillance solutions that this company has made available any business can do exactly that.

It difficult economic times, such as the global recession which exists today, protecting what matters most is a very important feature to have. Telewatch provides an inexpensive way of securing your assets and company on an ongoing basis. Telewatch services offer convenient pay-as-you-go models which provide an inexpensive way to protect and secure your business. This efficient model makes surveillance more convenient and protected with an process that is easy on your budget. To make this even easier for you and your company, Telewatch automatically updates any software changes or upgrades on the online surveillance system. This unique structure makes sure your business is always secure without every inconveniencing the everyday activities.

Telewatch’s Operational Surveillance product, called OPS, is a video surveillance solution that has been very successful and continues to be the company’s leading service. OPS is most appropriate for businesses because of its focus around enterprise-class surveillance with a system focused around web-based commands. By using a web-base for controlling this surveillance system, OPS has a straightforward, inexpensive, and immediate way of taking care of your business. This surveillance system can be on at all times to observe many different locations around a company. OPS not only makes a secure surveillance system available, but through this system, a company can also keep track of assets, figure out what works and what doesn’t in terms of operational arrangements, and help to resolve incidents instantaneously through the web-based system.

There are two extremely useful services linked to OPS. The first, gate security, provides a security advantage as well as an economic advantage. By setting cameras up around gates and entrances of a business, it becomes more possible to view these places at all times without paying full-time and off-hour guards. The remote real-time video and alarm monitoring provides an immediate response to any out of the ordinary incident that may occur. In the case of authorized personnel or customers, the gate security can allow access and can be programmed to allow these people to enter during specific hours. In the case of any defined event occurring which may threaten or disrupt the environment, the gate security system of OPS designs incident reports for business or police specific records.

ATM security is the second service based out of the OPS program. This surveillance service is manily beneficial for banks or remote areas with ATM machines. This secure solution streams continual video and alarm monitoring to protect against theft and vandalism in any of these necessary locations. There are three cost-saving steps that Telewatch has programmed this intelligent system to take to solve perceived threats. The first two steps involve alerting the person involved that they are under surveillance and should stop what they are doing and leave the premise. If these two steps to not solve the problem, the police are then called to take further action. Through the use of three escalating steps, this program saves money and time by making sure there is no overreaction and no unnecessary expenses.

With Telewatch Inc., these Ottawa video surveillance services are not only cost-effective, but they can also be shaped to fit your company's security and business improvement needs. Different parts of each system can be programmed specifically to adhere to the products and population that your company is involved with. The solutions of Telewatch Inc. are organized and protected so that you do not need to worry about the security of your company ever again.